Om Swasti Astu

Join us for a relaxing visit at Amertha Bali Villas and fall in love with the people and heartfelt hospitality of northwest Bali. The entire staff lives in nearby Pemuteran village, enjoying the benefits of long term income stability.

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The unspoiled Northwest region of Bali offers a view into a more traditional side of Bali. Amertha is surrounded by verdant nature and pristine marine life, with beautiful temples in out-of-the way places and authentic village life wherever you turn. The magnificent volcanoes of Java are a picture-perfect backdrop for spectacular sunrises and breathtaking sunsets.

The Amertha property offers a balance of Balinese style and modern luxury. The Resort hotel amenities include an outstanding oceanfront restaurant and bar, long sandy beaches, stunning beachside pool, and a traditional Balinese spa and meditation center.

All of Amertha’s fourteen villas offer first class accommodations and amenities including private swimming pools, koi ponds and fountains, lush gardens, outdoor daybeds and private terraces. Guests have the option of booking an individual suite or an entire villa.

The Balinese concept of Tri Hitas Karana —the harmonious relationship between Human and God, Human and Nature, and Human and Society— is the foundation of Amertha Bali Villas. We hope that you experience this harmonious balance in every moment of your stay.

Our prayer is that your stay at Amertha Bali Villas is filled with beauty and magic. May your heart and soul be rejuvenated by your time here.

Om Santih, Santih, Santih Om, AGUNG PRANA. Founder

Our Philosophy

Amertha is an evolving partnership founded in community involvement. From the outset, we have consulted with village leaders in Pemuteran and we continue to take direction from their wisdom and insight. Balance is the cornerstone of Bali society, and it is our goal to maintain the balance between nature and our cultural environment. You are invited to help us preserve the balance of this precious paradise.

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Amertha Bali Villas has adopted an eco-friendly approach to minimize the environmental impact to our unspoiled natural setting. With considerable thought and care, our policies are designed to preserve the land and sea, to restore and protect our natural environment.

We are honored to support the innovative coral reef restoration project directly in front of Amertha. The exceptional growth of this marine ecosystem is closely monitored and continues to draw worldwide attention. Likewise, the sea turtle project run by our neighbors at Reef Seen encourages turtle egg recovery and support for a thriving hatchery.

The village of Pemuteran and the adjacent bay are a special destination for those seeking tranquility and an intimate connection to nature.



Photo Gallery

Savor the beauty of Bali and the magic of Amertha Bali Villas in this collection of images.  From fabulous food to luxury accommodation, extraordinary marine life to breathtaking sunsets, your perfect vacation awaits.


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